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LASIK Refractive Surgery

The Ophthalmology Service at Hospiten puts at your disposal this Lasik technique, which will allow you to dispense with the use of glasses and contact lenses. The LASIK technique is the personalized solution to myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, without general anesthesia, without hospital admission and with a rapid recovery. To be able to offer you this, we have the Excimer VISX Star S4 IR laser, the most advanced technology at the service of your eyes.

What is LASIK Refractive Surgery?

This is the most advanced technique with which virtually all refractive defects can be corrected. The technique "LASIK multispot" is applied and is the most accurate toda

y. The laser has the so-called Eyetracker. By means of a computer the laser follows the finer movements of the eye. This ensures the treatment is 

centered throughout the procedure. In addition "WAVESCAN" technology allows each eye to be treated individually, thus optimizing the results.


There are a number of requirements that the patient must meet, so our specialist will study each case in particular.

•          Be over 18/20 years old.

•          Optical prescription must be stable for at least one year.

•          Not be pregnant

•          Not suffer from eye or general diseases that contraindicate the procedure.

•          Have between 1 and 10 diopters of myopia (shortsightedness), between 0.5 and 4 diopters of hyperopia (farsightedness), or up to 5 diopters of astigmatism.


•          It is an outpatient surgery and does not require hospitalization.

•          General anesthesia is not necessary, simply anesthetic drops.

•          Rapidity both in the intervention and in the evolution of postoperative visual recovery.

•          It is completely painless.

•          There is no need to cover the eyes.

•          Both eyes can be operated in a single session.





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